On hearing voices

No, I’m not schizo. But I am finding that certain characters speak to me more vividly than others. Today, for example, I hit a stride when I introduced the main character’s best friend. She just flowed out of me, fiesty and over-the-top and oh-so-easy to write.

Similarly, Reggie from Twenty-Somewhere is always a blast to write. In fact, he’s so much fun that I named my iPod after him. (YES, I NAME INANIMATE OBJECTS. But only the awesome ones.)

I suppose the danger in this is that these characters can become addictive. Because they’re easy to write, I like them, and because I like them, I write them more. Even when they don’t deserve it! But if it’s not their story, they shouldn’t get the most words on the page. No matter how awesome they are, or how many Chipotle burritos they can stuff into their mouth.

So anyway, that’s lesson number 28391872b. You’re taking notes, right?

Word Count – Aug 7, 2009:


10 responses to “On hearing voices”

  1. Neha Avatar

    There’s nothing wrong with naming inanimate objects. In fact, it’s quite normal: It’s useful for when you have a ton of devices connected to your computer, and of course, for networking computers together. :)

    Naming every inanimate objects, on the other hand…o_O

  2. Sonja Avatar

    If the character is so funny and interesting and addictive, why aren’t you writing his/her story?
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  3. D'Arcy Avatar

    I so agree with this! I sometimes miss people I have created and go back and reread just to say hi.

    I just named my new laptop Sylvia 2 (it’s a silver macbook, my second one :) Named after one of my favorite writers.

    PS, I had to privatize my blog, but email me and I will invite you if you like.

  4. floreta Avatar

    awesome. it’s almost as if they come to life and are real people!
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  5. Kristan Avatar

    Neha and D’Arcy-
    iPod = Reggie
    Macbook = Gatsby
    camera = Simone
    car = Herschel

    And D’Arcy, I definitely want an invite!

    Hehe, well you know how they tried to give Joey a spinoff show after Friends ended? And it totally bombed? That’s why I don’t write about some of these fun but definitely co-starring characters.

    That said, the character I’m specifically talking about in this post will get a chance to tell her story. That’s for the (hypothetical) sequel, though, hehehe.

  6. RenaissanceTrophyWife Avatar

    Love the names! And am eagerly catching up on twenty-somewhere…
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  7. Les Avatar

    I have something worth while to say! For once!

    Characters ARE addicting. So much so that my “toon” from FFXI has pretty much carried over into my writing. I love her, she’s my alter-ego and my nickname for the past 5 years. Yeah that doesn’t sound creepy or nerdy or anything right?

    Point being, you’re not crazy. The end.

  8. Jon Avatar

    It’s a good thing to really like your characters. But don’t get all Pygmalion with them either and try to bring them to life!

    Although that could make a good musical.
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  9. Kristan Avatar

    What you’re saying is… I’m not crazy, but you are? :P

    Is it really bad that I haven’t read Pygmalion??

  10. Angie Avatar

    Okay we talked about this, meatballs.

    At the very least yours have normal names, although you never told me your car was named Herschel! Besides Deigo, I’ve got Pepper, Puffer(fish) and Platypus. I’m an alliteration freak.

    As long as you keep writing, I think it’s all gravy. I’m sure your main characters are more complicated, hence why they are harder to develop than say a muffled food-stuffed co-worker.
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