Fickle? Me? Nooo…

Um, in a complete reversal from last night, today I reread a few pages of my manuscript and what do you know? I really liked them! Maybe writing’s not so bad after all.


Word Count – Aug 22, 2009:


  1. Maddy-
    Hi! It totally does! Especially since it doesn’t always happen. Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. :)

    Uh oh, you’re creeping up… When did you say The Girl shows up again?!

    Magical awesomeness, huh? I wouldn’t mind some of that. :P

  2. I oscillate between love and hate – more like… Oh I love my idea Vs. no one else is going to like it and I’m a moron for even trying to write something as silly as this.

    Glad you’re hitting the high notes ;)

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