How come no one is up to keep me company when I write late at night? Even my boyfriend and my dog are asleep. Sure it’s less distracting this way, but… okay, no, I know it’s better this way. “Books are written by the alone for the alone,” right? Sigh.

Actually I’m finding that I write really well at night, when everything is dark except my computer screen, and the world is sort of removed, probably doing more interesting things with their Saturday night.

Earbuds (and good music) help provide that sense of isolation during the day, but it’s a little different when a coworker comes up to my desk and asks me to proofread something, or Riley pokes me in the leg with his chew toy. I’m not complaining about those things, just saying they don’t tend to happen at midnight. In fact, if a coworker came up to me at midnight with copy to edit, I might have to call the cops.

In completely unrelated news, 17 Again is a pretty good movie (if you’re into that sort of thing, which I obviously am) and Riley has a new “Shipoo” (Shitzu-Poodle) buddy named Kingston. When they run around in the backyard, they look like two giant, smiling marshmallows with legs. It’s very cute.

Word Count – Aug 29, 2009:

11 responses to “Solitude on a Saturday night”

  1. Eric Avatar


    I’m having a hard time right now, actually. The inspiration is waning, having a hard time focusing, whether at night or in the morning. I think I just need something to do with my day to let my mind wander off and do its subconscious work.
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  2. GingerMandy Avatar

    i’m the same way, i’m more motivated to write and come up with interesting content and get things done late at night instead of during the busy work day. maybe i should take after you and spend some weekend nights this way. it’ll prevent these awful sunday hangovers and actually make my weekends productive. haha. :)
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  3. Sonja Avatar

    I used to do all my writing in the middle of the night for all the reasons you mention – plus no stopping for meal breaks. Nothing more annoying than having to interrupt “the zone” just because you’re hungry. The last 10 years, though, I write during the day, but I fondly remember being the only one awake in at 2 in the morning, typing away…
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  4. Kristan Avatar

    Aren’t you starting school? (But YAY 17k!)

    Actually you’re right! Food can be SUPER distracting, but I don’t really get munchies at night. I just need caffeine hahaha.

  5. Sonja Avatar

    Yes, I guess I wasn’t clear. I was trying to say that another perk about writing at night was that I did NOT have to worry about stopping to eat.
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  6. Kristan Avatar

    No, haha, I wasn’t clear, sorry. I was AGREEING. As in, I TOO don’t get munchies that late at night! I never thought about it until you said it, but you’re right, that’s probably part of why I’m more productive at that time.

  7. Les Avatar

    I hit 13k words on Friday, but I have to take some time off writing this week to get other things done at night unfortunately… damn life just has to interfere.
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  8. Kristan Avatar

    Yay, Les! Although lol now I feel like I’m very slow. I totally pooped out on this NaNoWriMo challenge…

  9. Krista Avatar

    Umm, I’ve been a terrible commenter lately, sorry! (commenter? is that a word?)

    I used to write my best at night, too, with just the computer screen and music…daily life is too distracting!

  10. Kristan Avatar

    I think commenter is a word, yes! And if it isn’t, we just made it one. :D

  11. Diane Avatar

    Good to know…Will wanted to see “17 Again” and I was ambivalent about seeing it, but now maybe we’ll rent it this weekend.