Yay or nay?

First, a must-read pep talk for writers, especially ones still forming their writing rhythm/habits: “The Deceptive Art of Balance.”

It’s just been one of those days…at the end of one of those weeks…at the end of one of those seasons.  For months now, I’ve been saying, “When I finish _____, then I’ll have a little down time.”  The weeks come in, the weeks go out, and that down time has been absent. I suspect, at this point, that it’s not coming.

Which means I have to make peace with life as it is.

Second, it sure looks different around here, huh? Okay, maybe not for those of you browsing via RSS, but maybe you should come check it out. In switching from Google ads to BlogHer ads, I needed to make a significant layout change, so I decided to let life be simple (ish) and customize a ready-made template instead of coding a new design myself. Ta da!

(After nearly 24 hours of “tweaking,” I’m questioning the “simple (ish)” ness of my decision…)

Nonetheless, I cleaned up the navigation, moved the blog back to the front page, and enabled threaded comments (meaning you can reply directly to a particular comment). I THINK this is going to be more practical for the time being — it requires less behind-the-scenes work on my part — at least until I score a mega-bucks book deal and have to redesign the site to accommodate that. :P

Big thanks to Albert, Mary, and Angie for their moral support and aesthetic feedback!

Andy has already voiced his preference for the old look… What do you guys think?

(Note: I can take disagreement, but not meanness. There’s no need to bring my momma into this, okay?)

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  1. For me, personally, it’s too busy. As you might have noticed from my blog, I like a REALLY simple design. Also, I don’t read your blog via a reader, so I see this version, and I’m not a fan of having to scroll down past your “welcome” to see if there’s a new post – that means more work for me as a reader.

    BUT, that being said, this is your blog that represents YOU, not me, so if you like it and feel good about it, what I think (or anyone else) doesn’t matter one bit! :)
    .-= • Recent post by Sonja: World’s cutest correspondence =-.

    1. Yeah, “busy” and “generic” were Andy’s comments, and I sort of agree with you both, hence the informal poll, because I’m a waffler. :P

  2. I like it, my site is kinda busy as well so I don’t see the issue, but I would prefer to see your blog first… or maybe a slightly less-tall welcome?
    .-= • Recent post by Les: Baby Bug =-.

  3. I like the old one, too. It’s uncluttered and inviting and easy to navigate.
    Also, I just started my google reader and you’re my first subscription :)

  4. Jon-
    The blog-on-homepage stuck. :)

    Aw, thanks! I ended up redesigning to a fusion of the two, I think, so hopefully I retained some of the new personality!

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