I don’t know why but lately I’ve had the urge to write fanfic again. I think because you don’t have to do any of the work to set up a world or characters. You just get to dive right in to the “good stuff.”

Sadly, you cannot be a professional fanfic writer. :'(

So instead, I watched Julie & Julia (hey, it’s about a writer!). And worked on Twenty-Somewhere. And read my friend Irene’s poignant yet hilarious new blog about leaving LA and returning to Austin. (She’s an actress/comedienne.) It’s called Les Grandes Changes. Read it.

Julie & Julia was cute, and I’m glad I watched it, but it’s a little long and I probably won’t watch it again. I will, however, play this scene repeatedly until it comes true for me:

That scene happens to take place in NY, but much of the movie is set in France. Do you know what else is set in France? The latest episode of Twenty-Somewhere! Check it out — “Episode 32: Paris, City of Fights”:

The plan is simple: Sophie will use the invite from Forward Fashions to fly Claudia and herself to Paris for Fashion Week. MJ will join them from England. Then the 3 best friends will spend 5 fabulous days together — together! in person! for the first time since graduating! — and it will be a perfect little holiday.

Perfect. That is the plan.

Unfortunately, the reality is anything but.

12 responses to “Dear agents/editors: find me, love me, sign me!”

  1. Sonja Avatar

    I’ve never done fanfic, but I understand the allure of it. When I’ve thought about it, I always feel like I’ve kidnapped someone else’s family and friends, and I’m making them do my bidding against their wills.

    By the way, nice title for your new episode of Twenty-Somewhere!
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  2. Kristan Avatar

    LOL! Interesting analogy. I can see it.

    Thanks! That was a last minute change, actually.

  3. Krista Avatar

    professional fanfic writing would be a dreeeeeeam!

  4. Kristan Avatar

    Oh wouldn’t it?! For a second I was like, Oh well you could put up some sort of PayPal donation link next to your stories or something, but then I remembered that by default you can’t earn money off copyrighted series/works, sooo… :(

  5. Aisha Avatar

    Well writing spec scripts for tv shows is a more productive form of fanfic since it could get you an agent (although it’s pretty common knowledge that just getting an agent to read your stuff is hard enough)

  6. Kristan Avatar

    Haha, I never thought of specs as fanfic, but in a way you’re right! I think screen agents are even harder to get than literary agents, though. o_O

  7. Kevin Johnson Avatar

    I actually dabble in fan fiction– I use it as an excuse to improve my writing skills. Granted, I do original stuff, too. But it’s fun, and it’s a good way to stretch the limits of your imagination while “trying” to maintain a story within the fictional world. It’s like… writing for a TV show where your rules are already established (which is why there’s so much bad fanfiction out there– no one knows 1) how to write or 2) the rules the need to follow.)
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  8. Kristan Avatar

    I think you (and Aisha) are right: fanfic is comparable to writing for a TV show that you didn’t create. (As Aisha said, kind of like a spec script.) I never thought about it that way before, but I may use it as an excuse to write some fanfic later. ;P

  9. Jon Avatar

    Oh wow! I love that scene from Julie and Julia. Could you imagine getting one voice mail from an agent, no less like sixty? Totally heaven.
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  10. 52 Faces Avatar

    Aww – I just saw it on the plane last week and cried like a bugger. It had so much resonance for me. I’m the chick with the super successful college friends.

    And no, I went with the only sane choice and left school.

    What’s your NaNo name? Did I already offer to buddy up? I’m YellowTypingFiend.
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  11. Kristan Avatar

    WOOHOO! I’m not sure I’d call it the sane choice, but it definitely is the AWESOME one. :D

    I’m kristanhoffman – boring but self explanatory, haha. I’ll look you up, but I warn you, the NaNo search function hates me. :(

  12. Kimberly Avatar

    I will do the same – play that video over and over until it comes true. It’s bound to happen eventually … right?
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