So… It’s December… Wow…

Where did the year go?!

(Or rather, where did I go this year?)

To round out 2009, 20 Something Bloggers is running a Best of 2009 Challenge, in which every day of December is assigned a topic, and bloggers are supposed to write about their best [whatever the topic is] of 2009.

Yesterday was supposed to be “Trip,” but yesterday I was kind of busy (submitting my first partial ever!). So I’m just going to do yesterday today. Also, rather than pick one trip, I’m going to pick one photo from each trip.

Rules schmules.


Day 2 - Millenium and Grant Park 038

New Orleans:

Day 4 airboat swamp tour 063

Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina:

Day 3 and Golf 010

Yankee Stadium, NYC:

Yankees game 019

Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland:

Dublin Day 1 021

Hoover Dam, Las Vegas (ish), Nevada:

Hoover Dam 031

Holy cow! I took a lot of trips this year. And that doesn’t even include trips back to Houston (my home) or Rochester (Andy’s home). No wonder my savings account is depleted…

Ah well. Honestly, travel is one of the very few things I will happily spend money on for myself. I would much rather fill my life with experiences than my house with things. So by that standard, 2009 was a year well spent.

What was your best trip of 2009? Tell me in the comments, or if you’re participating in the challenge, leave your link!

Also, be sure to check out other bloggers’ Best of 2009 posts!

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