Savannah Day 3 039

The process is all so slow, as dreams are slow, as dreams suspend time like a balloon hung in midair. I want it all to happen now. I want whatever miracle I am party to, to prosper and grow: I want the dimensions of time that have been loosened from their foundations to entwine like a basketful of bright embroidery threads. But it seems that even for dreams, I have to work and wait.

– From Shoeless Joe by W.P. Kinsella

3 responses to “Working and waiting for dreams”

  1. Kimberly Franklin Avatar

    Well isn’t that the truth!

  2. Sonja Avatar

    From your recent tweets, it seems like you’ve had a hard time with your daily word count goals the last day or so (which I think your post points to as well). It will be interesting to see what you think about this method of writing once it’s done. I’m sure there’s much to learn from the struggle.
    .-= • Recent post by Sonja: Quinn’s moral compass =-.

  3. Kristan Avatar

    Yeah, last night stunk, lol. But I think with any job there are good days and bad days. And you’re absolutely right: there is much to learn from the struggle. So, ONWARD!