The gods must be crazy

The amazing news is: After reading the first 50 pages of Twenty-Somewhere, St. Martin’s Press has asked me to submit the full manuscript for their consideration.


The bad news is: No real blog today, because I am mad scrambling to go over my full and make sure it’s good to submit. Sorry! Also, my new work-in-progress will have to be put on hold for a day or two. Oh well.

Thanks to everyone for the congratulations, and hi to any new readers coming over from #YALitChat!


  1. Thanks, y’all! I still kind of have that “Okay, where’s Ashton Kutcher?” feeling. This has to be a PUNK’D, right? (Only I’m not cool enough to get PUNK’D for real…)

  2. Thank you thank you thank you, guys!

    And Lindsey, I’m IN Cincy, but not FROM Cincy. Just a point of clarification, but it’s still super cool that we’re both here! (If in fact you are still here…) The weather right now? Not so super cool. :P

    Also, not to sound self-deprecating (more like, realistic), but this could still amount to nothing, lol. It could just be one extra step to rejection. I’m trying to prepare myself for that, so I thought I should prepare y’all too. (Especially since my request came with a note that said they were worried 20SW might be too episodic. Which makes sense, since it’s written in episodes…)

  3. Congrats! It should be a good learning experience if nothing else. And you should be really proud. Very few make it to this point. Way to go!

  4. Congratulations! I personally love reading this series because it’s fun and I definitely identify with the whole transitioning into adulthood (I still don’t feel like an adult!) and creating new lives post-college/grad school.

    I’m so proud of you! :)

  5. WHAT!?! Totally new here but this sounds AWESOME. I’m crossing fingers, toes, eyes, dressing…. you know. All the most important of crossables. <3

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