A little something different

I’ve been talking a lot about writing lately, so today I thought I’d do something a little different. Hard as it is to believe, I know that some people don’t actually care about writing, or my writing, or even words. So for those people, and just to mix it up, here’s a photographic peek into my fascinating crazy awesome life.

My job:

office shots 007

My buds:

snow day 007

My Narnia-like backyard (hearts added as an experiment):

snow play 006 edit

And some weird vegetable that looks like brains:

Jungle Jim's misc 004

Think I could put one of those in my head instead of what I’ve got? Or maybe that is what’s in there right now. You know, that would explain a lot…


  1. I just watched a SpongeBob episode where SpongeBob mistakenly replaces Patrick’s brain with some “brain coral” and Patrick becomes much smarter. So hey, plant matter as brains does not necessarily = stupidity! ‘Cause SpongeBob wouldn’t mislead me about something like that.
    .-= • Recent post by Sonja: In which I make six spring rolls =-.

  2. I was digging it until the vegetable brain..
    .-= • Recent post by Aurora: Tweetable Thursdays #5 =-.

  3. Aurora-
    Duly noted. “Aurora does not like the vegetable brain.” :P

    Oh, haha, it’s nothing special. I’m a copywriter/receptionist at a design firm.

    Thanks, I’m working on ’em! Chapter 2 done today. Onto Chapter 3!

  4. Kristan, I gotta do one of these pictorials too. You’ve given me some ideas.

    I love the backyard picture. Very dream-like.

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