He is handsome, fun, clever, goofy, and absolutely one-of-a-kind. He makes me happy, and he challenges me to be the best possible version of myself. He is one of my favorite beings in the whole world. He is, in a word, awesome.

Oh, and I guess Andy’s alright too.

(Happy birthday!)

13 responses to “Today is somebody's birthday…”

  1. Les Avatar

    Happy Birthday Andy!

  2. Kimberly Franklin Avatar

    Aw, how sweet of you. Happy Birthday, Andy!!

  3. Meghan Avatar

    yay giraffes! my favorite. :)

  4. Sonja Avatar

    He sure looks like all of those things in that picture. Awesome giraffe. I’m so happy you two were finally able to meet each other!

  5. GingerMandy Avatar

    happy birthday giraffe! and hi andy :)

  6. Kristan Avatar

    Hehe, thanks, y’all. Andy was… amused. :P

  7. Emily Jane Avatar

    Haha, happy birthday Andy! :)

  8. Jon Avatar

    Happy bday! I see you’ve found a family pet…

  9. Kristan Avatar

    Yeah, but Riley doesn’t like sharing the bed with him. :P

  10. bclement412 Avatar

    Happy birthday! Adorable giraffe

  11. Trisha Avatar

    Happy Bday Andy!

  12. Angie Avatar

    Happy birthday giraffe!

  13. Aisha Avatar

    Happy late birthday Andy!