Colorado (Day 4 of 4)

Location: Colorado Springs
Activities: cliff dwellings, wedding

Day 4 Cliff Dwellings 020

Day 4 Wedding! 039

Day 4 Wedding! 049

Day 4 Wedding! 057

Day 4 Wedding! 114

Like this:


Embracing my inner turtle


Writerly Wednesday


  1. Nice pics!

  2. Les

    Looks like it was a beautiful wedding!

  3. Such a beautiful wedding!

  4. It was! The green apple theme was very elegant (and appetizing!).

  5. Jon

    Great pictures! So, I assume the dessert was some form of green apple pie?

  6. Trisha

    Very nice

  7. Jon-
    LOL no but that would have been a good idea. They had 5 layer cake with each layer being a different flavor. The green apple gumballs in the picture were quite popular, though! Perhaps that could be considered an unofficial dessert? :P

  8. Beautiful pictures! Colorado is on my list of beautiful places to visit (one of these days!).

  9. It’s SO worth a visit! Or a few, lol.

  10. I heart those green apple name tag thingamajiggys. Very creative.

    Was it a small wedding?

  11. It was a “manageable” size. About 140 people?

  12. Sandy Shin

    It looks like a gorgeous wedding!

  13. Hmm, a hundred forty’s not that bad.

  14. What a beautiful wedding.

    And. I think I would love those cliff dwellings. I’ve had several dreams that have cliff dwellings although I have not been.

  15. Sandy-
    It was!

    I think you would love it. Although I can’t remember if the ones in/near the Grand Canyon were better or not… These were nice, but kind of small, and clearly museum-y. In a way it was great because you learn a lot; in a way I prefer more natural “ruins” so I can use my imagination. ;)

  16. Krista

    OOOH, i would love to see those cliff dwellings. and that wedding looks amazing!

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