• Confession: I keep visiting my own site just to stare at the adorable new header! (Sad but true.) Those little guys are my friend’s puppies, Bailey and Cooper. This photo was taken a year ago, so they’re probably not little anymore, but they will forever be puppies to me.
  • So, my vignettes from Friday. I got the idea during a commute home last week. Basically I was trying to represent the different worlds I experience at any given time. There’s what’s happening around me; what’s happening with me / to me; and what’s happening inside me / inside my head. Seems like most people gravitated towards the third vignette, i.e., my story. And that’s good, haha, because my goal is to make a living off my stories.
  • I’ve been told that August is when publishing (well, most of NYC) goes on vacation, so I don’t expect to hear back about my Twenty-Somewhere proposal for a while. In the meantime, I am finishing up sample pages to send to an agent who asked for them, and trying to figure out which project to work on next. I’ve got a fully fleshed out plot for a dark adult novel (think The Departed meets Lost, only it’s not about cops or an island) but there’s no urgency to it; the story will still be relevant for years to come. Meanwhile I’ve got a great premise for a contemporary/dystopian (yes, both at the same time) YA, and it’s extremely timely, but the plot is rather undeveloped right now. Then there’s also The Good Daughters, which I finally figured out and am eager to redeem. Sigh. Choices, choices…
  • Another confession: I was worried I’d be jealous. Of Erin, I mean. Because signing an agent is a HUGE deal, a FANTASTIC accomplishment, and MY goal for 2010. (In fairness, it was her goal too.) But I can happily report that I did not experience one iota of jealousy when she told me. I felt nothing but joy and pride and excitement. And I still feel it. Her success was not only well-deserved and thus easy to applaud, but it also encouraged and motivated me. If she can do it, so can I. And then we can go through submissions together. And book deals together. And launch parties together. And rinse and repeat forever.

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