Fun in the sun

Last week, in spite of a nasty RSI flare-up, I finished the sample pages of my proposed Twenty-Somewhere revision (!!!). Today, I sent them off to an agent and an editor (well, technically their assistants). Tonight, I am going to celebrate and relax — by READING!

(And also: by starting my next manuscript while I wait to hear back from said assistants, which will probably take a few weeks. Yeah, this process never ends.)

Over the weekend, Andy and I took a real break by going up to Columbus to visit friends who recently moved there. We brought Riley with us to play with our friends’ dog Dill. Of course, Dill’s definition of play involves toys and chasing and wrestling. Riley’s definition involves walking around and sniffing things. Needless to say, Dill was disappointed.

Columbus dog park 013

Also, I totally wanted to steal this “little” Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. Unfortunately, his owners were actually paying attention to him! Who does that?

Columbus dog park 016

After doggie playtime, we humans moseyed on over to the Ohio State Fair. Lots of livestock, fried food, and Midway games you can’t win.

Ohio State Fair 021

Ohio State Fair 012

Ohio State Fair 007

What did you do this weekend?

15 responses to “Fun in the sun”

  1. T.S. Bazelli Avatar

    Oh looks like a fun weekend for you! It rained so mostly I spent the time curled up at home. Finally finished a book I’ve been reading for months :D Quiet, relaxing, pretty boring weekend!

  2. Shari Avatar

    Congratulations on getting the sample pages off to the agent and editor!! My fingers are crossed that you get wonderful news in response. I definitely think starting your next manuscript in the meantime is a fantastic (and sanity saving!)idea. Working on something new always helps to keep your mind off the waiting — well, sort of ;-)

    Looks like you had a great weekend!

  3. Sonja Avatar

    Good job getting all the 20SW stuff DONE! (for now)

    This weekend, we continued to move stuff from the old house to the new house. It’s gotten to the really annoying knick-knacky part where you’re not even sure why you have these things but for some reason you are resistant to throw them away. On Sunday, my aunt from San Diego, who is visiting her relatives on this side of the country, stopped by for a visit. And that was my weekend.

  4. Les Avatar

    I worked on a plot, listed stuff, got drunk and spent Sunday lazing around ;) Congrats on finishing!

  5. Kimberly Franklin Avatar

    Congrats on finishing the sample pages! I wish you good luck on hearing back soon–especially if it is a favorable response. :)

    I did a big bunch of nothing this weekend. The triple digit temps forced me to stay inside most of the weekend. One night, well after the sun went down, we did venture out to see “The Other Guys,” and it was hilarious!

  6. Adam Avatar

    mmm, fried things!

  7. Erin Avatar

    Yay being done with pages! (They are so good. So good. Mmm.) Yay for working on new things!

    This weekend we hit up the New York Renaissance Faire. It was fun. :D

  8. Kristan Avatar

    Boring can be so lovely, though. :)

    Thank you!

    My advice: When in doubt, throw away. :D

    Congrats on all the treasury listings, girl! And wheeeee almost Japan Time for you!

    Thanks! EW to triple digit temps, but I’m glad (and admittedly surprised) to hear The Other Guys was good. (Will Farrell movies are not really my thing…)

    I wish I had a pic of me and my fried mac ‘n’ cheese!!

    Aww, thank you. :) And woot for the Ren Faire! I used to love going to that in Houston.

  9. Jon Avatar

    The Ohio State fair looks fun! Did you get a deep fried twinkie?

  10. elissa janine Avatar

    oooh, such nice pictures of a great weekend! and goooood luck with those proposals you sent out! So exciting!!!

    This weekend I had a family reunion, watched my husband install a chimney insert, and did a ton of editing!

  11. Kristan Avatar

    I did not… I went for fried mac ‘n’ cheese, though! Delish.

    elissa janine-
    Thanks! And yay for editing. Family reunions are always such a novel idea to me… My families never do them.

  12. Joelle Avatar

    Yay…finished and sent off sample pages! Now the waiting game begins :) Maybe you’ll get a response sooner than you think..a good positive response. They’ll love it and you’ll have an agent and get published all before the end of the year. :) Looks like you had fun in Columbus at the fair and dog park. This weekend I relaxed and lazed about in bed going over book notes and goals. I spent most of Saturday with my mom shopping and then made dinner for her. Well this has to be the longest response I have written. I’m stopping now or I run the risk of rambling. And when I ramble you never know where it’s going to go. :)

  13. kay Avatar

    Hey I liked the pictures of the dogs. I think there was a sheep there too, right? I don’t like sheep. They have knowing eyes.

  14. Kristan Avatar

    Oh Joelle, don’t get me dreaming! I do that enough on my own.

  15. Pseudo Avatar

    Thanks for linking up Kristan (you know how I love to “get away”)! I love State Fairs, this was nice.

    I have always coveted a Bernese Mountain Dog, but have only seen them in photos. Dill and Riley look so cute too.

    Congrats o getting off your work and I wish you great fortune with the results.