Bon voyage

I believe that translates roughly to, I’m going on a cruise next week, see ya, suckahs!


See, when we did Disney World two years ago, Andy realized that vacations in the Gulf/Caribbean are cheaper in September. I like to call these our “hurricane specials.” Sure, you risk getting rained on every day (at best) or dying in a tempest of epic proportions (at worst). But hey, you save $300!

(Also: no kids, ’cause they’re back in school. That might be worth more than the money.)

As promised, this blog will still be rocking the suburbs while I’m gone. The lineup has expanded, so there will actually be a post every single day next week! None of my M/W/F junk. (Weird. I’m a better blogger when I’m not even here…)

So anyway, stay tuned, and please show my fabulous friends some comment-love, okay?

And hey, maybe if you’re really, really good, I’ll send you a treat. Something like… most thoughtful comment of the week wins a book? What do you think?

Like this:


Writerly Wednesday


Call me silly


  1. Les

    Have funnnnnnn!

  2. Happy cruising! Hope the weather behaves while you’re there :D

  3. Have a wonderful time!! :)

  4. Great post!


  5. A post every single day?!? It’s madness! Seriously, have fun. We’ll try to take care of things around here. ;)

  6. Trisha

    Have a great trip!

  7. Thanks, everyone!!


  8. Happy cruise!

    I’m very excited to see what’s in store for next week when this blog gets hijacked — I mean, er…

    *angel face*

  9. Lol, HEY wait a minute…

  10. Jon

    Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us this week!

  11. Safe travels young one.

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