Last night I went to a friend’s book club meeting to discuss The Hunger Games, because although I’m not a member of their club, I was the one who introduced her to the series. This friend does amazing themed parties, with food based on the characters, handmade decorations, the works. I mean, these pictures are just the tip of the iceberg:


HG party menu

It was a lovely evening, with delicious food and lots of great discussion. Maybe 1/3 of it was even about the book! (Those of you who have been to hen parties book clubs know how high that proportion is.)

And on the drive home, I had a funny thought: Someday that could be my book.

Someday, people could read my stories and discuss them with their girlfriends, their boyfriends, their book club, their coworkers. They could theme their parties on my characters, my fictional world. They could argue about what I meant when I wrote X, whether I should have ended with Y instead of Z.

Isn’t that mind-boggling and awesome?

Maybe someday…

Out of curiosity, what’s your “someday”?

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