Last night I went to a friend’s book club meeting to discuss The Hunger Games, because although I’m not a member of their club, I was the one who introduced her to the series. This friend does amazing themed parties, with food based on the characters, handmade decorations, the works. I mean, these pictures are just the tip of the iceberg:


HG party menu

It was a lovely evening, with delicious food and lots of great discussion. Maybe 1/3 of it was even about the book! (Those of you who have been to hen parties book clubs know how high that proportion is.)

And on the drive home, I had a funny thought: Someday that could be my book.

Someday, people could read my stories and discuss them with their girlfriends, their boyfriends, their book club, their coworkers. They could theme their parties on my characters, my fictional world. They could argue about what I meant when I wrote X, whether I should have ended with Y instead of Z.

Isn’t that mind-boggling and awesome?

Maybe someday…

Out of curiosity, what’s your “someday”?

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  1. gingermandy Avatar

    that looks like so much fun. i’ve actually never been to a book club or meeting or anything, but i need to find somewhere nearby that does it.

    and isn’t that great to think there’s a chance people could talk about and appreciate your NYT best seller like that? :) you never know…

  2. Sonja Avatar

    I think most of my someday thoughts have to do with a sailboat.

  3. Emy Shin Avatar

    That sounds like so, so much fun. :]

  4. Amanda Kendle Avatar

    Love your friend’s book club devotion, how cool!

    My someday is to go into my favourite bookshops, head for the K part of the fiction section and casually pull my books out to make them a bit more visible than the others. I’ve done that for a couple of friends but someday I hope it’ll be me!

  5. Shari Avatar

    The book club meeting sounds (and looks) like so much fun!

    My someday is to go into a bookstore and see my novels on a shelf. I can only imagine what an amazing feeling that must be. Even beyond that, though, I think the best someday ever is just hearing that someone’s connected with your writing in some way. What can be better than that?

  6. sherri Avatar

    I think I would be holding a grandbaby and reading to her or him. I love books and my mom read to me all of the time.I loved the little golden books. We read to our son too. I love to see a child’s eyes light up from a book.Tell your friend she has wonderful dinners, seems to put lots of time into the night for her friends. I bet someone read to her when she was little.

  7. Jon Avatar

    That menu looks fabulous, which inspires this next question: What’s going to be on yours?

  8. Kristan Avatar

    Haha, from your lips to the universe’s ear…

    Lol. Why am I not surprised? What happened to the one that was sitting in your living room?

    Amanda and Shari-
    Fingers crossed for all of us! We’ll get our turns!

    What a lovely, lovely Someday. :) My mother read to me all the time, and it was magical.

    So, haha, they invited me to join the book club, and I was all, 1 book a month? Yeah, I can swing that! And then Andy reminded me that I’d have to HOST too… o_O Let’s just say that I probably won’t be posting pictures of my own handmade decorations or themed menu.

  9. Les Avatar

    Working from home… at something.

    That looks like a wicked fun party :)

  10. Sonja Avatar

    The one that was sitting in my living room is a little 12 foot open dinghy. It’s fun, but my “someday” boat is a little yacht like what your dad has, so it carries the dream of living aboard during the summers and sailing up and down the coast. No one is sailing up and down the coast in a 12 foot open dinghy made of styrofoam! Well, actually, some crazy person has probably done that, but not me.

  11. Kristan Avatar

    Haha, is my dad’s boat considered a yacht?? I always think of something more glamorous (and unwieldy) than our 21 ft. sailboat when I hear that term.

    EDIT: My parents emailed me to clarify that our boat is 23 ft, not 21. :P

  12. Sarah Avatar

    Someday I will have a boat (probably a canoe and not a yacht). I have been in a couple of book clubs and they are fun, but I have to fight the urge to apply literary theory and other “meanings” to things. If not, then it’s boring for me. As you can imagine, I completely miss the point, but I can’t help it! I need to book club-it with some profs.

  13. Kristan Avatar

    Haha, yeah, you and me in a book club would probably be dangerous…

  14. Katie Avatar

    That’s an awesome thought!

    Our English department had a major event last spring where all of our food was themed from literature. Including butter beer (Harry Potter), tea cakes, apple pie and ice cream (On the Road), cucumber sandwiches (The Importance of Being Earnest), grapes (Grapes of Wrath), a cheese ball (Farewell to Arms), etc. It was so much fun. What was extra funny is that the people you would expect to “get it” the fastest, didn’t.


  15. Kristan Avatar

    Whoa, that’s hardcore! I don’t think I would have gotten anything besides butter beer. I mean, grapes I probably could have guessed…

  16. Meghan Ward Avatar

    Amazing party! I want to to host all my kids’ birthday parties :) And I think we all fantasize about people reading our books in book clubs, and seeing people read them on the subway, and seeing them on the shelves in bookstores. Some day!

  17. Meghan Ward Avatar

    P.S. I finally created a gravatar, but it’s not showing up. What am I doing wrong? :(

  18. Kristan Avatar

    Hmm, weird… Maybe it just takes time to load? It is associated by email address, so it should show up as long as you are using the same one.