Postcard of sorts

Hey folks! I’m still over at the Equator, getting my vacation on, but I wanted to let you know that Mindi interviewed me over at her fascinating, eclectic blog. Hop on over and say hello, will ya?

In the mean time, please also pray that I haven’t been eaten by any sharks. They are supposedly docile, but that’s what everyone says until there are thousands of spiny teeth embedded in their arm. (Not that I’m worried or anything…)

I’m sure my Google Reader, my email, and my Twitter stream have exploded all over everything, but I’ll do my best to catch up with everyone when I get back. I will hopefully also return the favor, if my camera is being cooperative. Consider yourself warned: There may be pictures OUT THE WAZOO next week…

8 responses to “Postcard of sorts”

  1. Aisha Avatar

    Have a good time! Don’t think about all those feeds you’re missing, enjoy yourself! :)

  2. Sherrie Petersen Avatar

    Sounds like such an amazing vacation! Going to check out the interview :)

  3. Sonja Avatar

    Hermione Granger is a halfie? Clearly I’ve missed something, and I’ve read the HP series numerous times!

  4. Jon Avatar

    Great interview–thanks for the link.

  5. RTW Avatar

    Oooh! it’s on my bucket list… cannot wait for the awesome pics. Hope you’re enjoying the well deserved R&R. Nice interview piece, btw. I’m a public library junkie myself by default because we’re out of room on our bookshelves.

  6. Joelle Avatar

    Looking forward to the pictures. Hmmm I figure if I travel vicariously through you then I could save a lot of money – Lol! And what a mental picture of “Google Reader, my email, and my Twitter stream have exploded all over everything, ” ;) Hope to see you at a CFW meetup soon.

  7. Kristan Avatar

    DANGIT, you’re right. I just *think* of her as a halfie, because she straddles the muggle and magic worlds. Doh…

    With all your travel, you might like a Nook or something, to carry a library with you (and the Nook can borrow ebooks from libraries, though the Kindle can’t).

    They really did! I ended up having to skip a LOT in the Reader, because I just can’t catch up.

  8. M.E. Anders Avatar

    Thanks Kristan! It was tremendous to have you on for the day! :) Enjoy your vacation, too.