My weekend in haiku


Slow afternoon hike
Four women, five kids, two dogs
Cupcakes at the end


Lazy morning golf
Peekaboo with the sunshine
A fox startled out


Two baby deer chase
Each other in our yard, then
Food, laughter with friends

Cincinnati Nature Center 066 Cincinnati Nature Center 084
baby deer 005


  1. I loved the first haiku. It’s hard to go wrong when one of your words is “cupcake.”

  2. Haiku is the only type of poetry that I write with any regularity because it’s the only poetry of mine that I can read months/years later and not cringe.

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

  3. Poetry, pictures and cupcakes oh my. Where did you go hiking? Looks gorgeous especially the pond with the lily pads.

  4. Joelle-
    Cincinnati Nature Center. I had never been before but it’s lovely, and I love that you can bring dogs (as long as they are leashed)!

  5. If post is in form
    shouldn’t comments follow too?
    Sounds Relaxing…ah…

    My weekend:

    Hanging pictures…Ouch!
    Toads in the bedroom…Uh oh!
    Writing? Not Enough

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