Wizards, soccer, and writing, oh my!

Today I’m over at We Heart YA talking about how and when I joined the “Harry Potter party.” I would love to see you there!

Also, WHY AREN’T YOU WATCHING ESPN?! The US women’s soccer team is taking on France RIGHT NOW (11:30 a.m. EST). Go go go!

Speaking of parties, writer and “drawg-er” extraordinaire K. Marie Criddle did a perfect illustration of the online writing party we’re all a part of.

And last but not least, The Intern tells a fable about a queen, a spoon, and some drops of oil. Spoiler: It’s a cool metaphor for writing. And life.


  1. Anthony and Les-
    I thought about that after I posted. Ah the perks of working from home… (Non-perk: no income!)

    My thoughts exactly! :)

  2. Just finished the watching the Japan-Sweden game (yes, it took me a while). I’m very afraid of the Japanese team. They were damn good.

  3. The women’s soccer this year has been absolutely incredible to watch. I’ve gotten choked up at every game. I’m such a sap.

  4. Sonje-
    I taped it but decided not to watch it. (Been too busy.) I figured they must be good but… gah! I want a good game on Sunday, but I also want US to win!!

    ME TOO. No worries, I’m a queen of sap.

  5. That drawing is hilarious. I love the euphoric happiness on everyone’s faces. If only we were all really that happy. But all the bare feet totally freak me out. I’m so weird! They’re cartoons.

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