Writerly Wednesday

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I have just a few days left in July, and no idea whether or not I will finish my first draft. I think it’s still doable, but it’s turning out a bit differently than I expected. I’ll blog more about that next week.

In the meantime, please enjoy these writerly links. I sure did!

1. Brian Buckley’s sixteen simple rules for writers. Sadly, these are absolutely true. Wry and paradoxical, but true nonetheless.

2. Kate Hart provides a really nice visual breakdown of YA cover demographics. Conclusion: They are not all “dark.” In fact, they’re mostly white. And by white, she means ethnically.

3. In a lovely and unexpected analogy, Joelle compares writers to spiders.

The story when completed will snare a reader’s attention and wrap that person up in it until the story is done. The reader will then rest upon those delicately woven threads realizing that they have been caught up in the web that the author has created. Smiling and sated the reader will wait in delicious anticipation for the next story.

4. Last but not least, a LONG but inspiring keynote speech from bestselling romance writer Sherrilyn Kenyon about the hardships she faced and overcame. Makes my life seem like an afternoon stroll through a garden of roses.

In my darkest hour, my best friend who happened to be an editor for a magazine did the most incredible thing of all. She offered me work. “Now I know you haven’t written in awhile, but if you’re willing to do it…”

Oh my God, are you serious? I can get paid and not take off my clothes? I’m so there.

I hung up and went to the closet where my husband kept his old typewriter. Then I sat down on the floor — we had no furniture in our apartment at that time — and the moment my fingers touched those keys the most amazing thing happened. Every character. Every voice I’d silenced on that cold winter night when my brother had died, came back with a screaming clarity. I had no choice but to write.

8 responses to “Writerly Wednesday”

  1. T. S. Bazelli Avatar

    Those graphic comparisons are pretty awesome… and disturbing. The keynote is something I think everyone should read, wow.

  2. Sonje Avatar

    The 16 rules for writers were pretty hysterical. Reminds me why I don’t seek out much advice about writing and why I dislike the publishing game.

  3. Brian Buckley Avatar

    Best of luck once again on the draft. And as for your deadline, I don’t think you ever specified a time zone…so when midnight Eastern Time rolls around on July 31, I reckon you’ve still got a good seven hours of leeway!

  4. linda Avatar

    Wow, thanks so much for taking the time to share these awesome links when you’re in the middle of your drafting craziness! Best of luck!

  5. Christa Avatar

    All great stuff. That cover thing from Kate was amazing, wasn’t it? I love the dark YA but I was delighted to see how little of it there actually is after all the hype.

  6. Margot Avatar

    LOVE the cover breakdown. What an interesting take on this whole theme of YA getting too dark and what not. Thanks for the links!

  7. Kristan Avatar

    Isn’t she amazing? I’ve never read any of her work, but I admire her as a person.

    I think the “rules” are good for new writers to learn, until they hone their skills. Then they’ll realize the contradictions arise because the “rules” are made to be bent (and perhaps broken).

  8. Joelle Wilson Avatar

    Love the 16 simple rules for writers it’s a fun list. That YA covers are mostly white is kind of sad actually. Maybe the authors should have more input about what is on the covers. Thanks for the inclusion :). Sherrilyn Kenyon’s honesty is inspiring.