Let sleeping dogs lie

A supplement of sorts to the previous post.

Riley 031

Riley settles in 025

hAndymmock 004

Riley's block 002

New Lumix! 003

king of the bed 002

ridiculous dog 001

Like this:


Dog days


Things I'm loving


  1. Aww, Riley is adorable! :D

  2. Ooooh, little puppy picture! I’ve never had a puppy, and mostly I’m happy about that, but they are very cute!

  3. Angela

    puppy Riley!!!

  4. Linda-
    Thanks! That’s how he connived us into keeping him. :P

    Puppies are the best. I want more, but I know one at a time is plenty.

  5. Adorable! He was so tiny before! This reminds me of lazy summer afternoons ;)

  6. Julia

    Okay, the last picture is my favorite. So completely a dog in repose. Adorable.

  7. Soooo cute, cuddly, adorable, sweet. Puppy Love! :)

  8. T.S.-
    SO. TINY!

    Lol yup.

    His sister could be yours! (Or not, hehe, no pressure.)

  9. Oh, Riley. What a sweetheart. My dog used to sleep behind my legs; such a comfy and safe feeling.

  10. Les

    DAWWWWW. PUPPY. He’s adorable.

  11. Ollie has a lot of those same sleeping positions.

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