The best gift you can give a writer

Space. Patience. Faith.

(Okay, that’s 3, but I think they all go together.)

Not your advice. Not articles about Amanda Hocking. Not a subscription to the New Yorker.

More than a Macbook or a Moleskine, those 3 things are what your writer needs from you.

And from themselves.

Like this:


Why even “low brow” art matters


Scenes from a dorm


  1. Simple but so very true.

  2. The best gifts don’t come in boxes. :)

  3. I love your list! And I’m lucky I get all three from my husband. My puppy might be another story with space, but she’s so cute, I can’t resist! I think you may need to add candy and coffee to that list! :)

  4. Vaughn

    True dat! Thanks for saying it.

  5. So true. As always, the best and most important gifts are never ones we can actually hold, but the ones that envelop us :)

    (Though … a MacBook sounds REALLY amazing!)

  6. I wish I could write brilliant 5-sentence posts like this. Then maybe I’d get some writing done! :) Wonderful advice!

  7. Very true! Sometimes a writer has to do more than give these things to themselves though. They must *take* them, and that can be hard.

  8. Shari-
    Oh, it IS. It most definitely is. Lol.

    More like I HAD to write a 5-line post because I ran out of time. I’m glad it turned out to be a good 5 lines though!

    +1. Like. Retweet.

  9. Les

    Really, those are good gifts for anyone in any profession lol.

  10. Jon

    So true. The best things in life are free, but they always come at some cost.

  11. Very true. As a writer who is also a parent, I might add one though: TIME!

    Merry Christmas from Oz :-)

  12. Les-
    True, although I think some need it more than others.

    Also true.

    Hehe, I had “time” in there at first, instead of “faith,” but it seemed synonymous with patience.

  13. Ahhhhhhh I would love to have more of all three of those in my life.

  14. Just wanted to say, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I’m so glad to hear that you like my New Adult challenge :) I also hope we can convince publishers to take a chance on New Adult lit!

  15. Joelle Wilson

    The best gifts ever. :)

  16. Julia

    You forgot soup. And caffeine. Two other important ingredients when writing.

  17. Danya-
    *crosses fingers*

    You know, I don’t drink much of either of those… Maybe “food and drink of choice” should be included, though.

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