A few delightful things

Max-and-Stevie-008 macaroons-002
sarah and ing at steak n shake steph at steak n shake

4 responses to “A few delightful things”

  1. Jon Avatar

    Is that the Reds’ stadium? I’ve always wanted to go. How was the game?

  2. Kristan Avatar

    Yep! Great American Ballpark. Nice stadium, good game. Reds v Pirates, who are at the top of their division so the series actually mattered. We also got to see Aroldis Chapman pitch — the man is insane! Regularly pitches 90-100 mph.

  3. Michelle Muckley Avatar

    That’s a really beautifully written piece about our subconscious self doubts and the way we find within ourselves to overcome them. I had a recurring dream that I had lost my legs; sometimes in an explosion, sometimes in a shark attack, but always unexpectedly. Dreams are such an interesting peek into our psyche.
    On another note, the only reds stadium that I know is Liverpool football club, but that stadium and the game looks awesome!

  4. Meghan Ward Avatar

    Love these pictures! Especially the top two. Really wonderful.