Turning 27 in less than a week. Wow. In a lot of ways it feels like a nothing birthday — I’m not planning anything, not earning/hitting any milestones — but at the same time, it’s another year gone by. Another step away from youth. And a step toward… what? Maybe that’s the thing. Maybe that’s why people don’t like getting older (at least in part). We don’t know what we’re walking toward.

Where in the nebulous future do my hopes and dreams lie? Am I near or far? Only way to know is to keep going.

My comfort is that, for the most part, I’m happy. Content, but not complacent. I enjoy my life, my daily routine, my home — but I’m still striving for more. Trying to find/create professional success. To contribute more to my family and household. To improve my mind, my behavior, my actions.

Maybe it’s too late to be the Taylor Swift of writing. But it’s never too late to be great.

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