All the more frightening

From Honest Illusions by Nora Roberts:

“People tell their children there are no monsters in the world. They tell them that because they believe it, or they want the child to feel safe. But there are monsters… all the more frightening because they look like people.”


  1. Anthony-
    True. We’re all the heroes of our own lives/stories, after all.

    Well, I cry pretty easily, but I too have been unable to stop today. And every time I think I’ve pulled myself together, my imagination finds a way to prove me wrong.

  2. This is horrific beyond words. I barely slept at all last night – just kept waking up and thinking about those poor babies. Such a tragedy.

  3. Oh, Shari… I’m sorry you had such a tough night. I worried that I’d do the same thing, but I think I was so exhausted from crying on-and-off the whole day that my body just konked out.

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