January in photos

Snow dunes. Moss.
#dog #whplookingup Turning over an old #leaf.
Paint with all the colors of the wind. Meet Savanna, the 6.5 month old, 38 pound cheetah that I hung out with tonight. (Took everything in me not to snuggle and/or steal her.)
Companion shot to #kristanhoffmanpinkleaves. On your mark... get set...
The right direction. #WHPfromwhereistand #nofilter And the crowd goes wild.
Empty #nest. Watching the snowfall.
Still standing. Ed Sheeran (@teddysphotos) was fucking awesome.
My childish sense of humor. Drive by.
We wrote ours. Aim high.

That last picture of Riley is part of what I sent to Noah, a 12-year-old boy suffering from bullying and depression, whose mother made an appeal for letters of encouragement. If you can spare a moment, maybe you’d like to send him a note too.


  1. The “Hi Noah” photo for Riley is so cute, you must be a miracle worker to get a pup to sit like that while there are treats all across the floor (or just good at training your dog, lol).

  2. Thanks, y’all!

    LOTS of training. Also, the photo doesn’t convey sound, thank goodness, or you’d hear his pathetic little occasional whimpers. :P

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