“Newsletter: Month One Hundred and Eight” by Heather Armstrong (Dooce)

“Even if this hand right here grows to be as big as a house, it will still be a perfect hand.”

You giggled and shook your head. “I won’t be able to pick up a spoon and eat cereal if my hand is THAT big.”

“Well then, I’ll get you a bigger spoon,” I said.

“MY BRAIN IS A JERK: a post about writing with (and in spite of) perfectionism” by Laini Taylor

It’s so weird that the same marvelous instrument that brings us imagination and wordplay, narrative instinct, memory, detail, and other amazing things, is the same son of a bitch that whams us with indecision and doubt and self-loathing and creative paralysis every chance it gets. Brains can be jerks. Mine is.

“Big Dreams vs. Realistic Expectations” by Rachelle Gardner

Don’t let the difficulty of the path convince you that you shouldn’t have BIG dreams and BIG expectations. But also, don’t let the difficulty turn you into a bitter person.

“The Way I Am Around You” by Chelsea Fagan

With you, I am generous. I want to be this way because I understand it’s the right thing and I have learned to extract more joy from the act of giving than of receiving. Few things make me happier than seeing your face light up with something I have done for you — a surprise, a gift, a kind word when it is needed most.

5 responses to “Stuff worth reading: Valentine’s edition”

  1. Shari Avatar

    I love Rachelle’s post — it’s so true, and such an important reminder. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Anthony Lee Collins Avatar

    I agree with Shari about Rachelle’s piece. “Manage your expectations” is corporate-speak for “don’t get your hopes up,” so putting that together with “dream big” isn’t helpful to anybody. The point about bitterness is really true and helpful, though.

    My only addendum would be to make sure the BIG dreams are your big dreams, the ones that will make you happy, not the ones that everyone is supposed to want.

  3. Sonje Avatar

    You know, I wish I had something to say about this post, but I had my weirdest Valentine’s Day ever. And I’ve got nothing to say about it — or even this post which isn’t about me in the least!

  4. Kristan Avatar

    Really great addendum, Anthony. :)

    Hehe, it’s not ABOUT you, but hopefully you enjoyed something from the links or found something to takeaway.

  5. Jon Avatar

    I think bitterness is a byproduct of any really difficult journey. But the world rewards optimism, I truly believe that. Or I’m just a Pollyanna…