March in photos

Call me crazy, but that doesn't look like the most comfortable way to sleep, pup. For better or worse, Andy is fueling my obsession.
View of Clifton from my doctor's office. #cincinnati Mmm, sun...
The #grumblepup doing his best impression of a model. Our lunchtime buddy at Backstreet.
alamo night cropped
san antonio 027
Awesome light fixture at Hyatt Regency on the San Antonio Riverwalk. #WHPflowerpower at the Alamo.

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  1. I love the San Antonio pictures! It looks like such a beautiful and interesting place!

  2. Somehow I missed asking you about San Antonio (thought you were just in Houston this time). But OH THE RIVERWALK!! I love that part of the city. Fond memories (my bro did his basic training in San Antonio)

  3. Juliann

    Your San Antonio pics are beautiful, but I like the Clifton picture even better. It made me nostalgic for my college days.

  4. Great photos, as always. I’ve never been to Texas. San Antonio looks really beautiful.

  5. Thanks, y’all! Glad you enjoyed them. And yeah, San Antonio is a cool little city. Most visited in TX, we learned.

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