1. Ooh the last one reminds me of Harry Potter *giggles* That’s some library!

  2. Shari says:

    Ooh, where was that last picture taken? It’s BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Kristan says:

    It’s a law library at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. Really stunning, and yes, hehe, definitely Harry Potter-esque.

  4. Meghan Ward says:

    Your photos are always so beautiful. And what were you doing in Ann Arbor? I was just in MI for two weeks. I went to U of M for a semester but then ended up transferring to UCLA (long story).

  5. Kristan says:

    Thank you! I have family in Ann Arbor, so we were just visiting for a weekend.

  6. Meghan Ward says:

    We didn’t make it there this trip, but I went a couple of years ago when they closed the first Borders. I love Ann Arbor.

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