After college, I immediately started working as an account manager at a design firm, where everyone was insanely talented and stylish. (If you’ve worked in the commercial arts, you probably know what I’m talking about.) One of my coworkers there was Emily Mavridoglou, who I would sum up as elegant, colorful, and kind. Eventually we both left the company, and now we’re each pursuing our lifelong dreams. Mine, to write novels. Hers, to design custom stationery.


She’s just starting out, but already she has created so many wonderful designs for people. Thank you cards, wedding invites, birth announcements, and more. I really like how she brings beauty to these communications, making them more personal. Custom stationery is truly “social media,” in a sense. And there’s something to it that can’t be replicated in an e-vite or a Facebook update.

You can learn more about Emily and her work at Dorothy Jane Design.

You can also learn more about me over on Emily’s blog, where she is hosting a series of interviews with creative friends who are pursuing their dreams. I’m honored to be included. In my interview I talk about the biggest lessons I’ve learned so far, what inspires me, and where I work.

Oh, and Riley makes a cameo! (Two, if you count doodles.)

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