Past selves

Past Me has been a real slacker around here. I guess she took that “time away from the keyboard” thing to heart. But Present Me is, well, present. And ready to redesign the blog play Bubble Mania reflect and write again.

I can’t believe it’s been a decade since Angie and I graduated from high school. It seems like just yesterday that we were learning how to drive, editing the school newspaper, and studying for the SATs. But time flies, and now the infamous 10-year reunion is upon us.

That’s from a recent column that I co-wrote with my friend Angie: “10 Years After High School.” I meant to blog about it weeks ago, but then I never did.

Spoiler: I did end up going to the reunion, and even enjoying myself. I haven’t sorted out all my thoughts on it yet — but I will, because Angie and I are going to write a follow-up column. In the meantime, here’s the tweet-summary:

Did any of you go to your high school reunions?

9 responses to “Past selves”

  1. amandakendle (@amandakendle) Avatar

    I missed 5 and 10 years (living o/s), and moved back to Australia just before the 15 years – I went, but it was totally weird and I didn’t know anyone. Then Facebook came along, and by the time the 20 year reunion came along last year, I felt like I knew everyone again already and it was brilliant. Also, I think that by the time you’re 20 years out of school you have finally learnt to stop caring what other people think and it is just plain fun.

  2. Anthony Lee Collins Avatar

    I’ve never been to a reunion. I had very few close friends in high school (three, basically), and they quickly split town in different directions (east, west, north) and wouldn’t be there. I stay in touch with one by email, and I saw him a couple of years ago, which was nice.

  3. Shari Avatar

    I couldn’t go to my ten year reunion (they’re always the Friday after Thanksgiving and we were out of town for the weekend), but I did go to my five year one and enjoyed it much more than I expected. Sometimes it’s nice to travel back to the past for a bit — and to bring some of it to the present. Glad you had a good time! :)

  4. Browsing the Atlas Avatar

    No, I’ve never gone to any of my high school reunions. I don’t even think we had any. Our class was huge — 589 people. I don’t think anyone ever took the time to organize it enough to search for all the out-of-staters. Or maybe they did and I just missed it. I only remember a handful of people, so probably wouldn’t have gone. I’m envious of those who do and have fun.

  5. Kristan Avatar

    Haha, that’s so great, that FB reconnected you with everyone! I think living out the country is a pretty good reason not to go. ;P

    Really? That surprises me a bit. Somehow I struck you as a reunion type of guy.

    “Sometimes it’s nice to travel back to the past for a bit — and to bring some of it to the present.” — Exactly!

    Wow, that’s almost as big as my graduating class (which is rare)! We had about 710 people our year, and probably between 100 and 200 people at the reunion (though some of those were significant others).

  6. jkftravel Avatar

    I went to my 20 year reunion. 20 years is a long time. I don’t remember much from my school days, and I didn’t recognize anyone. But I apparently went to high school with some lovely people. I had a enjoyable evening.

    1. Kristan Avatar

      “I apparently went to high school with some lovely people. I had a enjoyable evening.” — Haha yes, that’s how I felt about it too!

  7. Jonathan Avatar

    I really want to go to my high school reunion, but I don’t know if we will have one! I came from a very small school (less than 100 students in total).

    1. Kristan Avatar

      I hope you get the chance! And I kind of wonder what the experience would be like from a smaller school. Potential for more awkard-ness? But also deeper conversations, which would have been nice.