Secret dreams

Yesterday I spent a few minutes writing out a list of my dreams. Not just the obvious ones (like “get a book published”) but the big ones too. The ones I don’t talk about. The ones I rarely even let myself think about, because…

Because they’re scary.

They are big dreams. Ambitious dreams. Outlandish dreams. (But still noble dreams, I hope.) And I am afraid of them. Afraid of not achieving them. And I don’t just mean not achieving all of them. I mean not achieving any of them. What if I didn’t manage a single one? What would that mean for my life? What would that say about me?

I don’t know. But one of my personal philosophies is not to live in fear. Yes, there are scary things in this world, but I don’t want them to win. So yesterday, I faced these intimidating dreams, and instead of being cowed by them, I felt inspired.

I’m not going to publish the list here — at least not yet. But I will keep it in my head and in my heart. (And probably someplace a bit more tangible than that, like in my journal and on my laptop.) In the years to come, I will post each dream as it comes true. Hopefully someday you’ll know them all.

I don’t believe that just writing these things out will make them happen, or that if I wish hard enough, I’ll get what I want. But I do believe… in myself. In hard work. In perseverance. In patience. I believe that I can achieve at least some of my dreams, if not all of them.

And even if for some reason I don’t, I believe that it’s worth trying.


  1. Shari says:

    I absolutely couldn’t agree more.

    Also: I look forward to reading those future posts, because I have total confidence that you can – and will – achieve your dreams. You’re too hard-working and dedicated not to.

    1. Kristan says:

      Thanks, Shari! Right back at ya. ;)

  2. Marci says:

    I’ve never met someone so committed to their goals, or someone with such a positive attitude about overcomingng adversity. I have the utmost confidence you’ll be blogging some of these soon :-)

    1. Kristan says:

      Oh Marci… That means a lot coming from you. I actually teared up!

  3. Melissa says:

    I believe all these things, too. I’m sure that’s how it all starts. Thank you for your words and example.

  4. I agree with you 100%. It’s important to have big, crazy, small, amazing dreams of all sorts. I have mine written down safely away (I feel its good to keep them close till they’re true). I’m looking forward to seeing yours come true!

  5. Kristan says:

    Melissa and T.S.-
    Thanks for your support!

  6. yogadog says:

    I have no doubt of you accomplishing amazing things. Just don’t forget to appreciate those not on the dream list. They count too.

    1. Kristan says:

      Thanks, Julia. That’s a good reminder. :)

  7. I actually do think writing down your dreams is the first step to making them come true. I recently made a list of writing goals for the coming year. Even writing them out kind of scared me because I haven’t been as writerly in the last year. But focusing on those dreams is an important reminder for us. And I think you were wise to make the time to acknowledge those dreams. Now you have a promise to yourself, an impetus to work toward them. Good luck!

    1. Kristan says:

      To clarify: I think writing goals down / visualizing them ALONE isn’t enough. But yes, it can be a very helpful and motivating beginning step. :)

      Thanks, and same to you!

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