Querying Club

For those of you following along with my journey as a writer, I’m happy to say that I have recently joined the Querying Club. Unfortunately, the first rule of Querying Club is that you do not talk about Querying Club. (This is also the first rule of Fight Club, On Submission Club, Forgot to Brush My Teeth Club, and I Don’t Know How to Pronounce the Word “Vinyl” Club.)

Things I can’t tell you about Querying Club:

  • Which agents are on my list.
  • What the responses have been so far.
  • How this is all going to turn out. (Because I have no idea!)

Things I can tell you about Querying Club:

  • This is one jacked up roller coaster, yo. Every email is like a 100 ft. rise, ratcheting up my heart rate before dropping me down again, giving me that floaty-stomach feeling. So far I’m enjoying the ride.
  • I don’t have a “dream” agent. I’m only querying people that I have a very good impression of. If/when I actually receive an offer of representation, then I’ll do my best to figure out if that agent and I click, both in terms of working personalities and vision for my career.
  • Spreadsheets are my friends. So is color-coding. So are querytracker.net and agentquery.com.

Even though I’m being a bit coy about the process for now, I hope to be able to talk more about it in the future. In the meantime, I’ll add that the help and support of my crit group, as well as my writer friends who have walked this path before me, has been invaluable.


  1. Color-coded spreadsheets are the BEST. I swear, mine looks like a Crayola factory exploded all over it. :)

    Fingers are crossed so, so tightly for you!!

  2. Wait a minute — you mean there’s more than one way to pronounce “vinyl?”

    ::looks around nervously, suddenly worried that I’ve been saying it wrong::

    Anyway, quickly changing the subject, congratulations! (I’m assuming some of the other rules of Fight Club don’t apply to Querying Club, though.)

  3. Best of luck! Was definitely my least favorite phase of the whole process (so many ups and downs out of nowhere), but something tells me it’ll be behind you for good soon enough. Fingers crossed!

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