11 responses to “Yet another reason I will always love autumn best”

  1. T. S. Bazelli Avatar

    Oh you both look so gorgeous! Happy Fall! Congrats!!!

    1. Kristan Avatar

      Thanks, Anthony!

  2. Shari Avatar

    Such a beautiful picture! What a magical day you had. Congratulations! :)

  3. Browsing the Atlas Avatar

    You both look beautiful! The setting is so romantic and serene. Wonderful all the way around.

  4. yogadog Avatar

    Congratulations! What a perfect photograph. So, what date in Autumn will you always love best?

    1. Kristan Avatar

      Sep 20 has become one of my new favorite days of the year. ;)

  5. Kristan Avatar

    Thanks, everyone!

  6. linda Avatar

    *SQUEAL* YOU LOOK GORGEOUS! Ahh! This photo is amazing and I adore it to bits. So romantic, and the trees are awesome! (I love trees, lol.) Huge congrats on your wedding, thanks so much for sharing the photo with us. :) Looks like a fairy tale! <3

    1. Kristan Avatar

      Thank you, Linda! The fairy tale feel is exactly why this is my fave pic so far, hehe. :) Hopefully I have a few more to share soon!