I think it’s kind of funny that I can spend months (even years) drafting, fleshing out, and revising a single novel-length story idea — yet for quick little blog posts, if I don’t get it down right away, odds are, I’m never coming back to it.

*selects all Drafts, moves to Trash*

Soooo, what should we talk about?

Just for fun, here are a few of the things that I had intended to discuss but have now lost the urgency to compose roughly 500 words about:

  • The adorably melodramatic Korean drama Boys Over Flowers. With a tie-in to S.E. Sinkhorn’s post about enjoying problematic media.
  • The crap finale of How I Met Your Mother.
  • A happy update about the crap finale of HIMYM: They re-edited the ending, and the better version is available on DVD/Blu-Ray. (Also it was leaked online for a while, and I loved it.)
  • The awesomeness of BBC’s Sherlock. Tentative post title: “Bromance with brains.”
  • Dawson’s Creek, with its John Green-esque dialogue, and how I connect with Dawson’s character (naive, optimistic, single-mindedly passionate about his art) but also with Joey (nerdy, inexperience, brunette, tomboy, crushing on the best friend she grew up with).
  • How I’ve always processed life by writing about it. For kicks, I had planned to include one of the letters I wrote as a kid to my parents when I was very upset about something. The little hearts over the i’s really meant business.