I think it’s kind of funny that I can spend months (even years) drafting, fleshing out, and revising a single novel-length story idea — yet for quick little blog posts, if I don’t get it down right away, odds are, I’m never coming back to it.

*selects all Drafts, moves to Trash*

Soooo, what should we talk about?

Just for fun, here are a few of the things that I had intended to discuss but have now lost the urgency to compose roughly 500 words about:

  • The adorably melodramatic Korean drama Boys Over Flowers. With a tie-in to S.E. Sinkhorn’s post about enjoying problematic media.
  • The crap finale of How I Met Your Mother.
  • A happy update about the crap finale of HIMYM: They re-edited the ending, and the better version is available on DVD/Blu-Ray. (Also it was leaked online for a while, and I loved it.)
  • The awesomeness of BBC’s Sherlock. Tentative post title: “Bromance with brains.”
  • Dawson’s Creek, with its John Green-esque dialogue, and how I connect with Dawson’s character (naive, optimistic, single-mindedly passionate about his art) but also with Joey (nerdy, inexperience, brunette, tomboy, crushing on the best friend she grew up with).
  • How I’ve always processed life by writing about it. For kicks, I had planned to include one of the letters I wrote as a kid to my parents when I was very upset about something. The little hearts over the i’s really meant business.

5 responses to “Strike while the iron’s hot”

  1. Shari Avatar

    You’re the third person who has mentioned that Korean drama within the past few weeks. I’m super curious now and want to watch it!

    1. Kristan Avatar

      Hm, I don’t know your television taste quite as well as your book taste (other than General Hospital and Grey’s, of course) but I think you could possibly enjoy BOF. It’s kind of campy and soap opera-ish, *but* with a strong core of heart.

  2. Anthony Lee Collins Avatar

    I’m the same way — if I leave something half-written for too long, I either forget the point I was going to make or just lose interest completely.

    I was not impressed with Sherlock when it started (too facile — hundreds of little clever updates of details of the original stories can get wearying really fast), but the friend I was staying with on my recent vacation convinced me to try it again (and told me which episodes are essential and which can be skipped).

    I’ve never seen How I Met Your Mother, so this is my only point of reference (and it’s totally awesome!): http://tinyurl.com/mbe2czd

    1. Kristan Avatar

      Glad I’m not the only one!

      I do think Sherlock is a wee over-hyped, which can lead to feelings of disappointment… But the cast is so spectacular, it won me over! Not just Sherlock and Watson (although they are *tops*) but also Moriarity (fave!), Mycroft, Mrs. Hudson, Molly Hooper, Mary Morstan, Irene Adler (another fave!). And yes, definitely some episodes are better than others.

      Omg that video is spectacular! Thank you so much for sharing! WHY do they even know all of that by heart??

  3. Anthony Lee Collins Avatar

    I love how the actress sitting between them tiptoes off as they’re singing. You don’t want to get between Javert and Valjean!

    (Hey, my last girlfriend could sing the entire Les Miserables score from beginning to end – all the parts. :-) )