August and September in photos

Pittsburgh Friend-union 001 riley Nat'l Dog Day IG
The start of an excellent meal. (Last night at La Poste.) #onthetable Fried green tomatoes. (Last night at La Poste.) #onthetable
labor day fireworks 001
labor day fireworks 002
katy perro andy

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  1. Was the first one at Carnegie Mellon? I didn’t know you were in Pittsburgh. :))

    • Yes, that’s the Walking to the Sky statute on Carnegie Mellon’s campus! We went to Pittsburgh for a quick weekend with friends. Maybe next time we’re there, you and I can meet up!

  2. Oh man! I need to do posts like that–where I just put pictures up. So easy and fun.

    One question: How did you get that stuffed dog home? Yikes!

  3. Julia

    Something about a close-up of a dog’s nose that never fails to entertain.

  4. Cutest doggy picture ever! :)

  5. We definitely should meet up if you’re in Pittsburgh again. That’d be lovely. :)

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