These really make more sense on a Friday, Saturday, or even Sunday, but oh well. Also, if I’m going to keep doing this (which apparently I am) then I should probably date them so I don’t have a million posts with the same name…

  • Last weekend, Andy and I drove for 3 hours and didn’t even make it 100 miles. Thanks a lot, Ohio. We were prepared to encounter the whole #BuffaloSnow craziness, but not six different 18-wheelers skidding off I-71.
  • Once we finally got to Andy’s parents’ house, I realized that I forgot my laptop cord at home. A whole week without a computer? Liberating and traumatic at the same time.
  • Andy and I got firsthand experience with a newborn. The first few days were like, “Okay, this isn’t so hard.” The next few days were like, “OMG IT NEVER STOPS.”
  • Inspired by this woman’s amazing naptime photos of her son, Andy and I did this:

2014 11-24 aladdin scene

  • We also went to see a couple movies. Mockingjay Part 1 was another quality installment in the series, and not at all “boring” like some of the reviews made me fear it would be. Granted, I do think they’ve left a lot to be covered in the finale, but I guess that’s on purpose. (Side note: I wasn’t expecting the makeup/CGI effects that they used on… a certain someone. It looked just like Bella wasting away during her pregnancy in Breaking Dawn Part 1.)
  • I also saw Big Hero 6. For some reason I found it hard to suspend my disbelief during the battle scenes — yes, even though it was a children’s animated movie — but I really, really enjoyed the diversity of the cast. (Tadashi was one hot cartoon, yo.) Also, I now want to fist bump like Baymax all the time. (It’s even better with the sound effect, hehe.)

  • Last but not least, I went with Andy’s family to pick out a live Christmas tree. It was my first time. I like how the trees smell.

8 responses to “Week in review (Dec 1, 2014)”

  1. Sherrie Petersen Books Avatar

    Love the baby photo!

    My son and I went to Mockingjay opening night and while I didn’t think it was as boring as some people said, I also feel like they should have just made one movie, not split it into two. There wasn’t a lot of action in part one so that made it feel slower and honestly, this whole splitting the last book into two movies is just annoying. It’s just a new tactic to separate us from more money. In my humble opinion ;)

    1. Kristan Avatar

      Yeah, I think most people agree with you about that trend and its intentions… I’d like to give THG the benefit of the doubt and say they’re just trying to do the story full justice — because they’ve done SUCH a great job so far — but it’s a little hard to understand why all the other books (which are arguably just as jam-packed) are able to be condensed and the last ones in the series aren’t.

  2. Browsing the Atlas Avatar

    Hahaha. ‘OMG. IT NEVER STOPS.’
    Nope. It doesn’t. My kids are 25 and 14. :)

    1. Kristan Avatar

      Lol. At the very least, it’s nice that they can take care of their own bodily functions at this point.

  3. Dana Avatar

    I totally laughed out loud at your newborn experience – OMG it never stops! It’s kinda like that even when they’re 2, 3, 4, etc. I meant, the stuff you’re dealing with shifts, but you’re pretty much always dealing with stuff.

    In the meantime, love your blog! Found you via Writer’s Unboxed and happy to be following your writing journey here.

    1. Kristan Avatar

      “But you’re pretty much always dealing with stuff.” – So true! Hilarious and terrifying at the same time…

      Thanks so much! Happy to have you here. <3

  4. linda Avatar

    Aww, love the photo of the baby! Also, that reminds me I want to see THG this weekend haha.

  5. Shari Avatar

    That baby picture is the cutest! :)

    Also – I still haven’t gotten to see Mockingjay, but I’ve heard great things about it. Glad you enjoyed it!