For over two weeks I’ve been trying to write a brilliant post full of wisdom to mark the milestone of my 30th birthday. But one of the things I’ve learned over the past 30 years is that sometimes less is more.

Also: Marking occasions on the internet is not as important as living them


If my next 30 years are even half as wonderful as my first 30 have been, then I can have no complaints.



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Day 3 at sea 014

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Riley's #1 love? Kibbles.

6-14 moremi 047


There are dozens of additional photos that I would have loved to include here. Unfortunately I have no idea where they are now after our recent move. But even if I could find them, I would still have to leave so many out. How do you narrow down 30 years of life, love, and memories to just a handful of images? How do you capture the breadth of family, friendship, and fun that I’ve been so lucky to enjoy?


When I was a little girl, 30 felt like a far-off galaxy. Too distant and nebulous to fathom. Or even bother thinking about.

Now here I am. Exploring these strange, beautiful stars.


  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing the trip down your memory lane. I can’t wait to see what beautiful journeys are waiting ahead for you! :)

    1. Thanks! I’m looking forward to the next few years for you, too. Specifically in regards to an adorable little bean… ;P (And really the writing too.)

  2. What great pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

    When I turned 30, my then-f-i-l, who had just turned 50, called up, plannning to commiserate, and he was obviously disgruntled that I was really fine with turning 30.

    Growing older is okay, as long as you don’t ever grow up. My mother exemplified this — you should have heard her whooping with laughter as she watched Kick-Ass at the age of 94.

    (Oh, and please don’t start the idea that people who are 30 are going to be the dispensers of all sorts of wisdom, because then those of us who are twice that will be expected to dispense twice as much wisdom — and then people who visit my blog will wonder why, instead of coming across with all the wisdom, I’m talking about the Fast & Furious movies. :-) )

    1. “Growing older is okay, as long as you don’t ever grow up.” HAH I love that, and completely agree!

      No worries, I’m beginning to think my wisdom max-ed out a long time ago…

  3. Happy Birthday!! And thank you for the beautiful photos. Here’s to another 30 years where the joy outweighs the pain.

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