I have, unfortunately and unintentionally, fallen out of the habit of posting my monthly photo roundups. I miss these. Here’s a snapshot of September through December, minus the house stuff.

night sky IG

1st Anniversary Nashville Indiana 010 IG

1st Anniversary Nashville Indiana 017

1st Anniversary Nashville Indiana 022

cleveland 002

OMSDC gala 02

life size game night

albany trip 001

2015 xmas rochester 005

2015 xmas cincinnati 005

2015 xmas houston 011

2015 xmas houston 025

2015 xmas houston 032

2 responses to “The last few months of 2015 in photos”

  1. Anthony Lee Collins Avatar

    Definitely keep doing these. I may pester you if you get off schedule again. :-)

    The Cleveland one (002) is amazing. (That last one is a bit scary, though. :-) )

    1. Kristan Avatar

      LOL. Yes, the Arcade in Cleveland is stunning. It’s an old mall that still has some shops and offices, as well as a hotel, where we stayed. And that last photo of me is at my friend’s gym. I was trying to “Be the Beast,” per his motto. ;P