Murals of Cincinnati

Sometimes beauty is hidden right in front of our eyes. Sometimes we need to explore our own backyards.

A few weeks ago, Andy and I did just that, taking ourselves on a self-guided tour of the many murals that adorn downtown Cincinnati. We saw only a fraction of them, and this is only a fraction of what we saw. Such a wealth of public art. This city is truly rich.

Cincinnati mural walk 000

Cincinnati mural walk 001

Cincinnati mural walk 007

From the mural on the side of Jean-Robert's Table. Snails for dinner, anyone? #cincinnati

Cincinnati mural walk 012

Cincinnati mural walk 013

My most favorite mural in #cincinnati. Dimension, history, beauty.

This little guy (below) attempts to capture all of the murals, as well as some of the city’s major landmarks. I love how clever and colorful it is.

Cincinnati mural walk 016

Then, these are not murals, but fun little oddities that I spotted during our walk. (The second one is a Totoro car!)

Cincinnati mural walk 009

Cincinnati mural walk 010

Last but not least, I tried my hand at the fun faces we saw in one of the sweets-themed murals.

Cincinnati mural walk 002

Cincinnati mural walk 003

Cincinnati mural walk 004

Yeah, haha, I’m a doof. Life’s too short not to have fun.


  1. Beautiful! And you’re so right. Have fun :)

  2. dianewfeng says:

    Cool murals, and funny faces ;).

    1. Kristan says:

      Lol thanks. I think Funny Faces are my specialty — purposefully or not…

  3. Wonderful. I love the one you identify as your favorite. Reminds me of a story I saw a while back about an artist who paints on sidewalks and streets — descending staircases and holes and so on — and people walk around them rather than “fall in.”

    And the whole things reminds me of some of the wonderful decorated buildings on South Street in Philadelphia.

    1. Kristan says:

      Hah, that sounds delightful! Reminds me of this guy:

  4. I love the artwork in Cincinnati. It rarely gets the recognition it deserves.

    1. Kristan says:

      Agreed! I’m trying to do my part to stop and appreciate it more often. :)

  5. Shari says:

    The last picture is my favorite — so fun! It instantly made me smile! :)

    1. Kristan says:

      Haha glad to hear it!

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