This series of postcard stories is a sequel of sorts to this set. The assignment was to choose 1 of the original 5 to extend into a longer story. The original postcard that served as my inspiration is pictured below.

Day 4 002

Hi! Xing:

This is your Ahyi. Can you guess where am I? China? Taiwan? No! Florida. I have been missing China, so your uncle took me to the Chinese theme park for our anniversary. He also bought me new jade bracelet to replace the one he lost last month.

25 years together, can you believe? Don’t worry, someday you will find a good man too. In fact, I know you ask me not to help, but I was just thinking… What about your friend Michael? He seem like a good boy. And no one even remember that time at the pool anymore.

Brush your teeth!
Ahyi Lin

Xing xing:

I am happy to hear that Michael has found a nice girl. But don’t worry, many boys will want you for a wife. Just give me time to think of a match. Everyone knows: this my specialty. After all, my marriage is best in family.

Your uncle has been working very hard. Even after so many years at the factory, he still try to show the boss his value. Just like giving me bracelet. The jade is so beautiful, all solid bright green. This mean best quality. I just tell you so you know what to look for.

Anyway, we look forward to see you at family dim sum next week.

Sit up straight!
Ahyi Lin


Sorry it has been so long since my last card. I have hard time thinking what to say…

Did you enjoy the dim sum? Your uncle was sorry he could not come. His back has been hurting him. I think he work too hard at the factory, every night coming home so late. But he won’t go doctor. He says is not a big deal, no need to waste the money. I worry that our trip and my bracelet cost too much. What you think?

Be good.
Ahyi Lin


Aiya! No, I was not ashamed of you! But I am not knowing what to say about seeing you kiss your friend. I’m sure she’s very nice girl, but in the bathroom at the family dim sum? This is not good behavior.

Does your mother know? I will not tell her, but you cannot ask me to keep secret for so long.

Anyway, I am thinking to sell the jade bracelet and take your uncle to the doctor. Now his back hurt so bad that he cannot sleep in our bed. Sometime he get up in the middle of night, go for walk or something. Anyway, I thinking, this is silly. I need to fix.

Don’t sit too close to TV.
Ahyi Lin


The pawn man say the jade was a fake. I hope you and Cynthia have better fortune than me.

Eat your vegetable.
Ahyi Lin