Following in his girlfriend’s footsteps, Teo sent me a cute article about the writing habits and routines (“writuals”) of 6 famous Irish writers. It was interesting to see what I had in common with them (working best in the mornings) and what they did that was different (needing or wanting complete silence). I also thought this was just adorable:

My husband Gordon, we’re both writers, so at the end of the morning we read each others’ work and we have to tell what we think and we must be honest about it, you can’t be nice. Then we’re allowed 10 minutes sulking time. You can go into the garden and bang flower pots about or go into the kitchen and make noise with saucepans. But you only get 10 minutes and then you have to accept the criticism whether it’s good or bad.

In truth, I wasn’t familiar with any of the writers, being from the wrong side of the ocean and all, but I am unfortunately familiar with this:

The most significant thing about writers is that writers hate to write, so we’ll find any excuse not to write.


So can I just be a professional emailer already?

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    ooo, me too! i dunno if a blackberry would be a blessing or a curse.

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    I kind of think it would be both? I don’t think I should ever get one, but it’s convenient that Andy has one I can borrow. :)