Foto Friday: Allergens

Sorry! For the second week in a row, Foto Fridays is coming to you a day late. That’s probably not too surprising to anyone who knows me, but I’ll work on it!

Speaking of late… HI, SPRING! Maybe it’s because I grew up in Houston where it’s green pretty much year-round, but I can’t help feeling that I shouldn’t still have to wear a sweater at the end of April. Nor should I want to claw my eyes out or go through an entire box of tissues in 1 day. But I guess that’s the trade-off for these beautiful, beautiful blossoms.

blossoms and us 002

(Riley thought the fallen petals were treats.)

blossoms and us 005

blossoms and us 008

So despite wanting to die because I can barely breathe and my eyes itch like they’ve been rubbed with poison ivy, how do we feel now that spring is finally here? I think this face says it all:

blossoms and us 001

2 responses to “Foto Friday: Allergens”

  1. diane Avatar

    yeah, i feel the same way here in seattle. beautiful blooms, but MAN are my allergies going crazy. bah!

  2. Kristan Avatar

    You know, I always thought Houston was supposed to be pretty bad for allergies, but I never felt a thing there. HOUSTON DID NOT PREPARE ME FOR THIS!!