Dooce likes Grey’s too!

I feel so… validated.

Also, the new episode on 4/24 didn’t suck. (Shonda and the other writers must have gotten my letter.) It wasn’t a classic, but there were some good moments. Enough to make me stick around, anyway.

Next week’s gratuitous Kate Walsh appearance has me wary, though. Don’t get me wrong, I love Addison (in fact, bring her back from LA FOR REAL, SHONDA!) but her cameo is, as I mentioned, gratuitous. It’s a feeble attempt to remind people to tune in to Private Practice when it returns. And I don’t like being manipulated. Especially if it doesn’t involve chocolate!

2 responses to “Victory”

  1. Lucy Avatar

    I doubt Kate Walsh’s appearance will do anything PR-wise for Private Practice – people are hardly going to remember it in 4 months time.

    The return of Addie is a ploy for May sweeps for Greys. Ratings are down this season, bringing back a popular character is good PR.

  2. Kristan Avatar

    Oh, PP won’t be back until Fall? Hmm, okay, so then you’re probably right: it’s a ploy, just not the ploy I thought.