Manic Monday

Ryan was here this weekend, yaaaay! :D This means that I got picked on twice as much as usual. At first it kinda sucked. Then it kept on sucking.

Ryan's visit 003

I think that’s the only picture I got of the two meanies all weekend. We were leaving Union Terminal after seeing Bodies, which was really neat, and surprisingly different from the Bodies exhibit I saw in Houston years ago. I was saddened by the lack of Operation in the gift shop, but they did have the Giant Microbes. And really, what more do you need in life than an adorable stuffed chlamydia?

Other than being the butt of every joke, I really enjoyed having Ryan around. (MOVE TO CINCINNATI!) We got caught up on a lot of things, he provided me with interesting insights and perspective, and after Meanie #1 left for his business trip in Chicago, Meanie #2 made sure I still got my daily dose of ESPN. Not to worry, Andy. You left me in good hands.

Now it’s back to reality — cold, cruel reality. The next couple of days at work will be crazy, plus I got another rejection letter in the mail. I haven’t done nearly enough work or writing, but I’m finding it hard to drum up the energy for either. (Too much worrying, too much negativity…) Seeing as it’s 7 hours before I need to wake up, I should probably go to bed. Thank god I have a warm, adorable puppy to cuddle.

3 responses to “Manic Monday”

  1. twintiger06 Avatar

    LOL! Stuffed diseases! Some of those actually looked kind of cute…I can just imagine some little child saying, “I want the clap!”

  2. Aisha Avatar

    “At first it kinda sucked. Then it kept on sucking.”

    Work and writing usually take my mind off of negativity and worrying.

  3. Kristan Avatar

    @Aisha: Touché.