Dude, when did this happen, and why didn’t anyone tell me about it?

It looks great!!

From a cute article Alex sent me, titled “Your Friends Are Not Watching the Same Show You Are”:

To summarize the potato salad theory, fanfiction works for readers because the readers are already coming to the story with enough history and background to enjoy the story without piles of world-building and setup, much like stories that feature historical or mythological characters. We are bringing our own utensils and plates to the picnic, not expecting restaurant service. That’s fanfic. When it comes to our source material, we’re all bringing very different things to the table, and that’s going to affect what we consume.

As it happens, these preferences not only inform what we choose to watch in the first place, but also what we see when we get there. As when we sit in English class and interpret poetry, we each have our own particular take on the canon that’s unique to our backgrounds and histories.

And that’s okay.

Angie goes home tomorrow. :(

But we had fun while she was here!

Newport 020

7 responses to “Here today, gone tomorrow”

  1. Margie Avatar

    Kristan – found your blog through blog-hopping and think it’s fun. I left Houston nearly 9 yrs ago after having lived there 9 1/2 and have the same reaction as you. Wow – I don’t recognize it anymore.

  2. Mary Avatar

    Man, I had no idea they were building that park, either. I wonder that my mom didn’t mention it, actually.

    I have to say, though it looks like a nice park…why must Houston continue to name everything after corporations?

  3. angie Avatar

    Yeah I may have to swing by that park when I visit home. I’m assuming it’s named after a company because then the city itself doesn’t have to cover certain costs or they’re making some extra revenue by selling the name.

    I don’t know Kristan, I feel I missed out because I didn’t get to experience Mouse 25 cents. :)

  4. Kristan Avatar

    @Margie: Thanks for stopping by! Isn’t it amazing how places can change? I feel like we think of cities — Paris, Rome, New York, San Francisco — as having a distinct look, setup, personality, etc. and we forget that, like the people that live in them, they are constantly evolving. One of my favorite Boston Review short stories sort of deals with that.

    @Mary: Like Angie says, probably because it covers some costs? I can’t wait to check it out!!

    @Angie: Next time you come, we’ll do Mouse 25 cents, the art museum, a riverboat, another dance class, and maybe clubbing! And I will find more cool stuff! (If you come in winter, by default there will be new activities.)

  5. angie Avatar

    And as you know, I swung by the park. It’s pretty awesome.

    Must do Mouse 25 cents. I’m down with ice skating on the lake!

  6. Mary Avatar

    I know why they name things after corporations :) I just can’t understand why it has to be every.single.little.thing!

    I mean, come on, it’s really tacky-sounding to have the “Merril Lynch Pier” (I think that was one of them, anyway).

  7. Kristan Avatar

    LOL I missed Merrill Lynch Pier. That’s awesome. :P