My Flickr account misses me…

Broken camera = sad, sad Stan.

Like this:


Here today, gone tomorrow




  1. omg. i know how you feel :(

  2. Is yours still broken? I’m going to try to make it to Circuit City today to see if they can help me diagnose the problem (batter, charger, or actual camera). Someday I’d like to have maybe a few really nice cameras for different occasions, but for right now, I just want this one to work again!

  3. yeah it’s still broken. but i gave up on fixing it. i didn’t have time to figure it out. eventually i’ll figure out it. it’s kinda bad that i just go out and buy a new camera whenever my cameras break.

  4. Yeah… I bought a new battery today, but I don’t think that’s the problem. (Plan to return it, if not.) Maybe the charger? But likely the camera. [sigh] In which case, I’ll probably get a less expensive, more portable ultra-compact and worry about expensive photo equipment when I’m rich and famous.

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