There’s this pesky parasite in my fingertips called the Internal Editor. He doesn’t like to let me free-write. He insists upon a certain measure of Quality — unless I’m typing in Gmail Chat — and he doesn’t care that Quality slows me down whether she’s just sprinkling herself on my work, or outright smothering it.

I’m considering chopping off my fingers just for the sake of getting rid of the Internal Editor. He’s THAT bad.

Like this:


My Flickr account misses me…


The SUN Magazine


  1. Mary

    Wouldn’t that be kind of like cutting off your nose to spite your face?

    I can guarantee that free-writing would be more difficult without fingers :)

    (But I sympathize. I have the same problem, especially when I post things online.)

  2. Eh, who needs their nose, right? :P

    Isn’t it funny? I would think posting online would be easier, but no, not really. (Maybe because we know we have a real audience. My stories, as of yet, don’t really…)

  3. Najla

    I know this Editor of whom you speak. :|

  4. Haha, so you wanna hold him, and I’ll punch?

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