Now what?

So you know how you think you’ve got something all figured out? Like, you’re choosing between A and B, and it’s a really hard choice, but you finally pick one, and you put a lot of effort into getting comfortable with that decision, and then all of a sudden C comes into the picture, and you’re like, WTF?

Yeah, it’s like that.

Like this:


Although I do wish there was bubble tea…


A comparison


  1. Alex

    See, funny thing — I think I might know what this post is about. Because my mom visited your mom (and dad) today, and then I got a phone call… *eyebrow*

  2. angie

    *double eyebrow*

    (b/c I can’t raise just one)

  3. hey! I just saw your comment on design*sponge about the scholarship and wanted to say thanks! I appreciate the cmu representation (and vote!) & compliments on my work!

  4. No prob! I meant it! :D

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