Allow me to present a wonderful excerpt from a wonderful post by a wonderful person.

being in a relationship has a state of permanence — can’t i base my falling in love on a moment-by-moment basis? by labeling you “boyfriend” and me “girlfriend,” we have placed each other in roles that demand (by rules of society) that we are faithful to our relationship during every moment that we are officially calling ourselves a couple. faithful not just physically, but in everything we do and how everyone describes you as mine and me as yours. i want, instead, to tell you that in this moment, i am in love with you. the next moment doesn’t matter, and the moment before it might not either. i just want you to hold this moment and know how i feel about you right now.

One response to “How come my thoughts aren’t this poetic and eloquent?”

  1. angie Avatar

    I read rose’s post and thought the exact same thing: wow.